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About Us

About BSF Online

BSF Online is group Bible study that fits your life. Our four-fold approach to exploring the Bible will help you know God better, trust Him more and grow in your faith. Members and leaders can participate online from anywhere with people from all over the globe.  Through your shared study, you will develop close-knit relationships regardless of time zone and geography.  We offer a flexible schedule where members choose a group and leaders choose a meeting that works for them.

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Does BSF Online offer the same studies as a local BSF class?

Yes! You will access BSF’s four-fold approach to walk through the current BSF study.

Each week:

  • Download and answer QUESTIONS to guide you in your personal study
  • Join your global online community to DISCUSS what you are learning
  • LISTEN to a lecture podcast
  • LEARN the historical, cultural and life lessons in our notes.
How is BSF Online different from a local BSF class?

BSF Online is an online group Bible study experience that offers flexible group times.  The online meeting platform allows you to study the Bible from wherever you are with a community of group members from all over the world.

What does an Online Group Leader do?
  • Trains in a weekly Online Leaders meeting
  • Leads a weekly online discussion group on Zoom at a regular time that fits their schedule
  • Connects with group members during the week over WhatsApp